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The JK Art Foundation is a non-profit organization with no staff. The five members of the board, who work selflessly and receive no remuneration for their work, are entitled to a reasonable reimbursement of expenses.


Jos Koster, boardmember A, chairman
Annabelle Birnie, boardmember B, spokesperson and specialist
Peter Heintz, boardmember B, registrar and treasurer
Sjarel Ex, boardmember B, specialist
Claire Koster, boardmember A, specialist

Contact Details

JK Art Foundation
Waterstraat 3
5211 JD ’s-Hertogenbosch

Tax Identification Number: 8601.13. 735 / Chamber of Commerce Number: 75027399

Gerrit-Jan Koster, Administrator
Telephone Number: +31 (0) 6 15852336
Email Address:


Modigliani, Amedeo (1884-1920)
Le Grand Buste, Rouge, 1913

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